Directions to the course

From Rochester area:

  • Take Highway 52 south around Rochester
  • Exit 11th Avenue SE and County Road 1.
  • Turn right and go 5 miles south.
  • Continuing past the village of Simpson.  About 1/2 mile south of Simpson, watch for signs, left on 75th Street.

From LaCrosse area:

  • Take I-90 west.
  • Exit on the first Rochester exit to Highway 52 South.
  • Go 1/4 mile south on Highway 52 and turn right on County Road 16.
  • Go 4 miles and you will come to a “T” in the road.
  • Turn left onto County Road 1.
  • Go about 2 mile and watch for signs, left on 75th Street.

From Austin area:

  • Take I-90 east.
  • Take the Rochester exit Highway 63 North.
  • Take the Rochester Airport exit and turn right onto County Road 16. 
  • Go about 1 mile and watch for signs leading to Maple Valley.
  • It is located about 5 miles from the Rochester Airport exit.


 Maple Valley Golf and Country Club

8600 Maple Valley Road SE

Rochester, MN 55904